Thursday, September 3, 2015

Walk the line

Computer Hope

Computer Hope Computer Hope  

Outfit: 1. Jeans -  Walk the line Anti-Fit denim by 17Sundays (find here) 2. Shirt - Bel Air Chambray pleat blouse (find it here) 3. Bag - Avalina leather 4. Shoes - Dainty Ox White Converse (find here) 5. Sunglasses - Pure Moda (find here).


There I said, so all of you haters feel free to leave now. Truth be told I really don't understand what all the double denim fuss is about, I think there is nothing more effortless than two shades of denim together. I am not talking acid wash, or strange fits, just simple an well fitting denim.

These new Anti-Fit jeans from 17 are the absolute best! Seriously guys you have to try them. I've put it down to perhaps the drawstring waist (I get gape issues at the back) or the quality of the denim, but they are just so comfortable. Plus they wear and wash really well, I know this because I tested them. Don't ask how, I just know.

Plus a little lightweight chambray is always cute, particularly with the addition of a peplum frill! It's designed to be worn buttoned up, but I love it just as much styled open!

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