Monday, August 31, 2015


Computer Hope

"Today, I Am' - Me!

This morning Westfield launched its SS15 campaign ‘Today, I Am’ which champions individual style and challenges restrictive stereotypes. This inspired me to explore my wardrobe.

As I am naturally curious when it comes to fashion, harvesting an open-mind and a style that is in a constant state of evolution, I frequently lead wardrobe curating sessions. Notably, there has always been one piece missing.

Whilst recognising the lack of shorts in my wardrobe, I thought back to a question I was recently asked 'Why do I blog?'. My answer as it has always been, is simply because I want to inspire you all to stay restless and never just accept what you are offered with fashion, but instead to be individual and true to yourself by making our options, your own! 

'I like to live by the rule that I am who I am, I have realised that no matter how hard I try, no matter how many wishes I make, I am never going to wake up and be anyone else' - Kelly Osbourne

 I am never going to be anyone but me and you are never going to be anyone but you. I will never have the smallest thighs or the longest, tannest limbs, but these legs that have walked me all around the world, have been there for me every single day! So wear the shorts, the crop top, the bodycon dress or the bikini, because in the long run being true to ourselves and living for what makes us happy is all that really counts.

Computer Hope Computer Hope Computer Hope Computer Hope Computer Hope
Wearing;  Jacket - City Chic denim jacket , Top - City Chic ribbed knit , Shorts - Crochet trim short shorts , Bag - Gypsy tan bag, Sunglasses - Pure Moda sunglasses, Head Scarf - Thrifted and Necklaces - A by Kate Spade and  Diamond Crescent necklace by Torchlight Jewellery.


As usual, i headed straight to my local Westfield Southland to find the perfect pair of shorts that both incorporated current trends and worked for my body. Seeing as I love the 70s vibe filtering through this season, I decided to work with the idea of what I would wear to a festival. Yes, I know this wouldn't ideally include wedges, but..... this is me.

Overall i do believe the industry is reaching a point where our fashion choices are becoming not as restricted due to our size. We may have to work a little harder, spend a little longer on Pinterest and look to a few extra hashtags (#effyourbeautystandards, #honormycurves and #aussiecurves) to enable us to overcome size stereotypes and interpret trends in way that works for bodies, but the inspiration is out there and accessible. You no longer have to mould your figure to suit the trend, you can mould the trend to suit your figure.

'It is how you feel, not what size you are!' - Kelly Osbourne

So you now want to get your shorty on this summer?....
What I love about visiting Westfield Southland is the variety, there really are so many options for all types of individual style and body shapes. You can shop these styles (and the above) 24/7 on the Westfield Online just by clicking on the image! #fashionobsessed

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*In collaboration with Westfield Southland - all styled by me and written by me. #usual


  1. You inspire me! Next time im scared or shy to wear a peace ill have your article in mind and embrace me!

    1. Thank you so much, this is what I blog for so I sure hope you do step out of your comfort zone and wear that piece! (Once you have done it once it gets a little easier each time!) xxx

  2. Thanks Ash! Thanks for being an inspiration and for being you.

    Thankyou for the reminder that it is ok to be myself if I am happy. I am constantly reminded that I shouldn't be ok with being the size I am but I'm happy and life is too short for worrying so screw them!

    You look amazing! You always do, but I've always loved this almost hippy vibe on you...might be the bag that makes me say

    1. Nawww Charlene thank you so much!

      You have always been such a dedicated reader and I truly appreciate that.

      I absolutely love your attitude and you are 100% right! We never know when our last day is, so why spend life worrying about what other people think!

      P.S I secretly have always loved the hippy vibe too, but the Melbournite in me is to strong to stray too far from the norm xx

  3. You look so pretty. This look is perfect for you :)


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