Wednesday, August 12, 2015

How to dress down a cocktail dress.

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Whether it be due to time constraints or just to have a more convertible wardrobe, nowadays dressing down your cocktail dresses for day is seen as chic to make the most of your wardrobe. But transitioning your work-wear to night-wear is one thing, but the ability to turn your party dresses into daywear? A little more daunting, but by no means an impossible feat!

 So today I am going to share with you a few of styling tips that I always keep in the back of my ind when popping in to visit my local Westfield Southland. Because who wants to hide that sparkly number in the back of your wardrobe for that one, maybe two times you will wear it! And let's be honest, by the time that event comes around your so-called new dress has lost nearly all of the glorious  'new feeling', regardless if it has even seen the light of day. Meaning - you will purchase a new dress. So my theory is, buy that dress for the special occasion, but then wear that dress every single chance you get!

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WEARING: Dress size 16 and Shirt size 16 (see links below).  


- Style Tips -

1.  Dress down your look with laid back accessories such as layered bracelets and necklaces, sunglasses and a slouchy bag.
2. Add a casual layering jacket; think denim, chambray or anorak style pieces. (I personally find a hint of military is great for dressing down).
3. Pop on a shirt! Either open or closed,  this is great for dresses that might be a little heavy with the embellishment at the top, but that have a great skirt.
4.  When the temperate drops, layer with a chunky knit jumper, tights, waist belt and ankle boots. Voila! Instant winter chic! (See my post next week for more on this tip!)

And the number one tip of all..
Update your choice of footwear. Wooden soled shoes in any form (as I am wearing), wedges, espadrilles, white sneakers or flat sandals are all the most effortless way to change the look of your outfit. Whilst I was having a look over at Westfield Southland I also came across these styles, which all would have been perfect with this look! You can shop these styles (and the above) 24/7 on the Westfield Online just by clicking on the image! #fashionobsessed


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*In collaboration with Westfield Southland - all styled by me and written by me. #usual


  1. Great idea! I have so many elegant pieces and now they will be used way more often :)

    1. It really is great to get more wear out of them, a hard habit to get into but once you start it really opens so many more options! x

  2. Great post Ash! I love this! I have so many formal pieces and dressy pieces that ate gonna get a lot more wear now and if tjey could talk Im sure they'd say Thankyou!!

    1. Haha nawww thanks Charlene I am really glad you liked! I have another post coming next Thursday that will have my second favourite way to wear my dresses! xx


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