Wednesday, July 15, 2015

How to shop beyond the size tag.

Computer Hope

Computer Hope Computer Hope Computer Hope Computer Hope Computer Hope
Wearing; Skirt size 14, Gilet size M and Shirt size 16.

So today i wanted to share with you something a little different! I rave on about all of our fabulous curvy brands quite regularly, but to be honest they only cover about 75% of my wardrobe. You see, over the years I have had the challenge privilege of shopping for a body that has ranged between a size 14 and a size 20. Call me odd, but the challenge has always appealed to me. Maybe its the thrill of the chase or the idea that I could land a piece that no one else my size will be wearing, who knows, but it work! With me regularly achieving compliments to how I dressed differently to other curvy girls, which is of course how my blogging story came to fruition.

Being that my love for shopping and styling started years before the launch of any young plus size brands, I always put my early shopping success down to one small fact, I pushed myself to shop outside of my comfort zone. I persevered, I endured and I conquered! Finding new pieces regularly within these brands that technically only catered to our smaller counterparts. Still to this day at a size 14/16 in plus brands (16/18 in regular sizing) my wardrobe boasts tagged sizes ranging from 10's to 20's!

So what does it mean to shop outside you comfort zone? Well, truthfully i only have one rule, to ignore the size label and always first look at a garments cut and fabrication. Of course I also have built up a few other Dos and Don'ts over the years, which is what I wanted to share with you today. This by no means saying goodbye to our plus size stores, but perhaps will enable you to have a few extra options and honestly, who doesn't love a little variety?
- DO -
1. Know your measurements and carry a measuring tape! If you don't feel confident walking into a fitting room holding a garment that's a 'few sizes too small' (by the label) ,then just measure it.
2. Understand the garment features that you are searching for and how they will work for your body! A-line cuts, oversized knitwear (last week I posted wearing a Witchery size M cardigan here and then a week later a Glassons top in a size S here ), elastic waists, jersey and knit skirts are all massive winners as generally they can accommodate up to or two or more sizes larger than the tag.
3. Be creative with your styling! Just because an item is tagged oversized, doesn't mean you cant rock it as a fitted piece and same goes for styles that sit on the hip, especially A-line skirts, these can look just as great when sitting on the smaller section of your waist!
4. Carry your phone everywhere! Refer to pinterest, blogs, google image search and instagram. Usually if i know i am searching for a particular piece, i will create a pinterest board or at a minimum, a few screen shots for inspiration before heading to the shops!
5. Keep an eye out for these words when shopping online; Slouchy, oversized, boxy, elastic, elastane, spandex, jersey, knit and draped.

  DON’T -
1. Disregard an item because of the size on the tag! Try, try try!
2. Disregard an item because it has stiff lining! Take a peek into my wardrobe and you will notice a strange occurrence, many of my blazers have no lining! Straight away this will allow the jacket to fit up to an extra size larger. Following the same process with skirts, I cut out the stiff lining and purchase a cheap slip from target (or even the op shop!) and hand sew it in.
3. Disregard an item because the sleeves are too small! Just make a small cut in the underarm fabric and insert some jersey. Or if the top is a little more pricey but you love it, take it to a dressmaker.
4. Buy a new style without checking the return policy! I love that you are reading this thinking 'i cant wait to go out and shop up a storm' (ok, maybe that's just me!) but we all know what that 'high' is capable of. So cover your bases.
5. Forget to confirm a stores full size range by checking their website! Many stores only carry full size ranges, or test size ranges in their city stores. Because retailers are extending sizing left right and centre, you could miss out if you just go off their floor stock!


Whilst I was having a look over at Westfield Online I also came across these styles, all with the little hidden extras that we are looking for. You can shop these styles 24/7 on the Westfield website just by clicking on the image! #fashionobsessed


  1. love this look! and great tips.

  2. Great post! All these suggestions are also great for op shopping! I'm an 18 and still manage to find plenty of great options

    1. Ohhh I love op shopping too! I used to own a vintage clothing store actually, we should go op shopping some time! xx

  3. Thanks for your awesome tips! As a woman who ranges from a few different sizes I sure know how difficult it can be... however your post is a little dangerous - to my credit card that is!

    1. I was thinking it might be a little dangerous, I always get stuck at around 12pm with midnight shopping! eeee haha xx

  4. This blog is great my friend keep it going and have a nice day!

    1. Thanks for reading, have a great day too! x


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