Wednesday, June 17, 2015

A Mini Day In The Life.

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A micro-mini day in my sometimes blogger life.

1. Drinking tea and perfectly spilling my cereal to create the perfect flatlay.  #priorities.
2. Unwrapping my new Michael Hill pieces over breakfast. Still strategically spilling it on the table.
3. Pre-lunch coffee. No explanation required.
4. A morning session of blog photos with my new jewels.

If there was one thing missing from the material side of my life, it would have to be fine jewellery! I don't know what it is, whether I just couldn't commit to such an investment, or truth be told that i find most fine jewellery very well, boring, or maybe its just that I never truly looked.

So when I stepped into Michael Hill Jewellers and saw their beautiful new pieces, I was a little taken aback. Gone are the days of old, replica looking pieces and in are the days of beautifully constructed jewels.

After a quick look I realised that maybe all along it really was the commitment on tones that had me strung up. You see, I simply cannot commit to gold, silver or rose gold on a daily basis. Nor do I really want to spend hundreds or perhaps thousands on a piece that I am going to remove every second day. So this is where these beautiful tri colour pieces had me at first glance. Simply, dainty, yet with purpose and all in tri tones.

But lets be even more honest and say a big part of not wanting to go jewellery shopping as a curvy girl is the dreaded, will it fit! Especially for myself with rings. This is where Michael Hill make it oh so easy with their online size guide. Simply print it off (with no scaling!) and find a ring that already fits you, hold it over the printed ring sizes and voila, find your perfect size! Just remember that you want your ring to sit on the printed circle, not inside it or it will be too small!

(And don't even start on the 'they wont fit me!' as I am wearing an S and S1/2 an their sizing goes to a Z!)

When and where was the last place you brought fine jewellery? (if it was an engagement ring, well then feel free to gush your story!)

Also, I am wearing the 3 Circle Ring in size S 1/2 and the Crossover Ring in size S and the matching Three Key Pendant necklace.

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  2. This tea looks so tasty :)
    Beautiful jewelry!

    1. Ohh its the best tea, I have just recently become a little obsessed with flavoured tea actually! xx

  3. I love this post. I, for one dont buy expansive jewellery because I am on a tight budgety but mostly because I lose everything. I try my best, but it never helps. I once lost my moms engagement ring and after that I never touched fine jewellery again.

    1. Oh I am the same trust me, i once lost a gold necklace at the beach (my fault for even wearing it there!), its only been recently that i have started to get a little more 'less is more' when it comes to my jewellery! xx

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