Sunday, April 19, 2015

Have i got your attention?

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So i am presuming I now have your attention with the above familiar face whom you may or may not know as Jesse, the fiancĂ©e to one of our favourite Australian models and major girl crushes, the lovely Laura Wells (@laurawellsmodel).

When we think about Australian plus size fashion we tend to be a little guilty of jumping up and down about how us women do not have a large enough selection. Yes, this is true, but we are forgetting to emphasize with a key demographic, one that tends to make the world go around, our curvy men!

 Just think, when was the last time you even saw a plus size menswear store?

So when Johnny Bigg by Tarocash reached out to me to introduce their new plus size menswear range, i knew I just had to share. Why with you? Because lets be real, us ladies tend to be the ones doing the clothes shopping.

For now, Johnny Bigg have two physical stores located in Westfield Penrith and Liverpool in N.S.W, but have no fear as their online store is very easy to navigate and includes one of the most comprehensive (and easy to use as per my only semi computer literate Father!) size guides i have ever seen right here.

With a day to evening range of menswear in sizes XL to 7XL (8XL in the future!) and XLT and 4XLT range for the taller men out there, 36" to 52" in pants with again a longer length leg range that runs from 36" L to 48" L and even shoes in sizes 9UK to 14UK! They really do have you covered head to toe!

The actual range itself is at fantastic price points and has been truly well thought out. Little details such as plenty of breathable 100% cotton and stretch fabrics for extreme comfort, which is also seen throughout their great winter collection of knitwear and jackets.

Want 20% off your first order?
Just enter ROSE at the checkout for all orders placed between today and the 3rd of May!

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*In collaboration with Johny Biggs for Tarocash - all thoughts my own!


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