Monday, March 30, 2015


Computer Hope

Computer Hope Computer Hope Computer Hope Computer Hope

Outfit details:
1.  Jeans -  High waist rip denim at $44.95US, I am wearing a 1x. (Get them here)
2. Top -  Plaid shirt (This one is sold out but the same longer version here)

When Pink Clubwear reached out to me to try a few products, i was a bit dubious at first. Mainly because of the low price points. But after having a scroll through and finding an array of quick cheap 'fashion' fixes, I jut knew I had to share with you all!

This is a quick way to solve a problem I hear about all the time, you want the option of the 'cheap' wear once fashion piece like our smaller counterparts. You know the ones i am talking about? That too small, too low, too short piece that you might buy for a once off occasion and don't really want to spend a lot on? Well this brand could  just be part of your answer.

When trying any new brand the first thing I look at is the denim, as to me denim is a true testament to how invested a brand is in curves. As it is easy to get wrong, very wrong!

 For $44.95, they are as close as they can be to a perfect fir! They are super stretchy (which helps prevents the knee rips from well, keeping on ripping) and a great length. I could not fault the shirt either. Yes I might only get a year out of these pieces, but you know what, in a year I possibly wont like ripped denim and bright red plaid shirts!

Have a look here  and let me know what pieces do you like?

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* Collaborative post with Pink Clubwear - all thoughts are my own as per usual.


  1. Gorgeous look. What an exceptional fashion combination you created by wearing a fabulous red shirt and a blue jeans. You are looking just stunning in these photos. Like your golden watch and the awesome pair of shoes very much. The fashion concept and views shared in this post is really awesome and thank you very much for sharing this kind of interesting and informative post with us. You are a genius in creating new ideas of fashion and style.............


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