Saturday, March 21, 2015


Computer Hope

Computer Hope Computer Hope Computer Hope Computer Hope Computer Hope

Outfit details:
1.  Skirt - Floaty Skirt , this piece is from a straight size skirt but has an elastic waist. So I am wearing a 14 and it does go up to 16 (I would say suitable for up to a sz 20). Elastic is our friend in non plus stores! (find it here)
2. Top -  Portmans (This is a size L, it is firm fit but I wanted a more fitted look)
3. Shoes - Wittner
4. Hat - Winter Floppy Hat (This fits me, I have a big head so its more generous than most hats!)

The true fashion season is upon us, AW15! The season where my fashion obsession kicks into absolute overdrive. I will be working with Westfield to bring you current trends, how to shop for your curves (with a focus on non plus size stores!) and everything else to feed your fashion obsession during AW15.

Every season I revive my wardrobe with a fresh injection of new season trends, this is usually achieved during a one day shopping spree, so I can ensure that the pieces work together and create as many outfits as possible. As last year I was so focused on building my capsule wardrobe of basics, I am now free to add a few true fashion inspired, very non-essential pieces with my focus colours being grey, wine (or marsala), khaki, metallic, camel and classic true blue. With a 70's influence, including lots of texture (knits for days), a bit of 'norm-core' (a good explanation by Vogue here), soft dresses and skirts, a bit of military inspiration, leather and you may even catch me in flare jeans or at some point.

 And what better time to feed my fashion obsession than now (as in right now, as in today!) during Westfields Fashion Saturday, I mean that's over 150 stores filled with sales, sales and more sales.

 I of course will again be heading to my local Westfield today to start my AW15 build, which you can follow on my IG @thisisashrose. Also for the first time ever, if you cannot get to a Westfield today you can also shop online here, but its only for 24 hours!

What trends are you looking to re-create for your curves this season?

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* Collaborative post with Westfield Australia - all thoughts and words are my own.


  1. This post is so inspiring, I really love how you have styled the grey!

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  3. Fictitious fashion. You are looking stunning in this unique and attractive outfit. Love the sweater and your incomparable red colored waist belt very much. Your blog is always very helpful to us in order to create awesome fashion. Thank you very much for sharing this kind of informative and helpful blog with us about awesome fashion with us.


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