Monday, January 26, 2015


Computer Hope

Computer Hope Computer Hope Computer Hope

Outfit details:
1.  Dress - Hope and Harvest (Get it here - Also available in black & i am wearing an S)

This dress is everything! After my recent rant on Facebook I decided to embark on the quest to find a key selection of sleeved dresses for daytime wear. You see, this seems to be completely lacking in the plus size industry as there are plenty of lacy evening dresses, but not very many day style dresses in classic cuts and colours.

When I came across the Island Hopper I knew it was perfect, its lightweight and classically cut, with a drawstring waist (this is my favourite design aspect), sleeves, pockets and a V-neck. The navy is running a little low in stock, but the black isn't!

Next on my list is a straighter cut, knee length black shirt dress, made from a quality fabric or solid back denim,  with elbow length (or roll up) sleeves and a waist... as in not an oversized shirt! This is going to be the hardest hunt of my life, as three years and counting and I still have not been successfully.

If you have any tips or hidden shirt dress gems you know of, please feel free to let me! xx
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  1. I love the mix of red and blue, after all it's possibly my favourite combination and it looks amazing on you.
    Makes me miss summer days, even if i love winter!

    The Paper and Ink

    1. How good is it! I only just starting mixing the two to be honest, I love navy as an option to black :-) Thanks for popping in xx

  2. charming outfit with a lovely blend of colours and nice photos...cheers!

  3. I love this outfit. Can you pease tell me where you got the purse?

    1. The bag is from xx


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