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Computer Hope

Computer Hope Computer Hope Computer Hope Computer Hope  

1.  Sunglasses via Universal Store  2. Book - Get it here

Ask me what I love about summer and no fail every single time you will get the same response, the blue summer sky! Don't expect an explanation for that answer though, as I really have no idea why i have always felt that way. Sometimes I believe it may more come down to the feeling of freedom! Don't you agree? That there is something so freeing about lazing back and looking at the sky, quite humbling in all honesty when you start to think  (or if you are me, extreme overanalyse) that we are all looking at that same sky, from every corner of the globe. Its incredible who far away places feel, yet so close at the same time?

Also, it's really therapeutic way for me to just tune out for a little while with my long lost friend Vitamin D (WITH sunscreen ladies!). Until I start thinking about what is beyond the sky and how amazing gravity is.. but that's another story! 

So most warm weekends you will find me laying out on the deck (as I do not live near the beach, but I will soon! Hello Melbourne Bayside!)  with a good book like 'Not That Kind Of Girl' by my long lost hilarious best friend in my dreams Lena Dunham (find it here), my favourite sunglasses; such as my fabulous new tortoiseshell ones by LeSpec (which now complete my 'sunglasses for all occasions collection!') that you can find here, some fresh fruit, my sunscreen (because lobster skin is not a trend!),  a fresh drink, a necklace (ok, maybe not, but it looks pretty yes?) and a of course the most softest and squishiest beach towel I can find!

On that note, if you are after a new summer read this book is just the perfect! Only advised for those with  no boundaries, as this read is unashamedly honest, candid and hilarious. With many of the 'scratching your head' did she really write that kind of moments!

Oh and if you are still in need of a kooky gift for that long lost Auntie? Well I highly suggest you take a look at the gift wear section of the Universal Store, as in all honesty, this store has some of the best gift wear I have seen! Hello fashion books, cute diaries and pineapple candles!

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*Collaboration post with Universal Store - All opinions are my own and I mean.. have a look at the gift wear on this store and tell me you don't agree?


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