Sunday, November 16, 2014

Lattice Noir


This is Ashley Rose

This is Ashley Rose
This is Ashley Rose
This is Ashley Rose
This is Ashley Rose  

Outfit details:
1.  Dress - IGIGI Elle Sheath dress in Lattice Noir - Size 14/16 (available here2. Jacket - IGIG Louise jacket in Lattice Noir - Size 12 (available here) 3. Bag - Yours clothing 4. Shoes - Target (Not online but should still be in stores).

See, point proven that Monochrome never dies and as you can see I certainly was not exaggerating when I explained how obsessed I was last week.

As soon as I eyed this IGIGI lattice print, I knew I just had to have it! What I love about the lattice print pieces and one feature you cannot really see from the images alone, is the textured knit fabric. To be honest I am not a huge fan of ponte or jersey, but I adore a textured ponte knit. I know the difference is minimal in theory, but I just feel like the subtle sheen to a textured fabric leads to more longevity from the garment, namely due to less piling and easier wash/drying!

On another note, now being in my 'later' 20s, I just don't find getting dressed to go out out anywhere near as easy as straight forward as it used to be. There is just so much to consider like am I being too covered? Maybe I'm not covered enough? What if I spill my drink have a drink knocked on me? Will i get too hot? I would even go to the length of saying that styling these outfits are my least favourite. Do you ladies hear me on this?

So when the team were kind enough to also send me the matching Olivia Skirt (also in the lattice print) just two days before going out for my birthday, I was absolutely saved!

Modern print, super fitted, respectable length and I teamed with a fresh white top and huge heels!

This bonus addition in my package just made my night, as we all know that going out in an outfit that is anything less than perfect, is a complete spoiler! I promise to take a few replica snaps of that outfit very soon, as I have to admit the champagne induced photos I currently have... are best left off the blog!
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  1. Oh, SNAP! this is so gorgeous!!

    You look sharp, this print is amazing and the matching pieces looks so on point!

    I'm completely smitten with style adoration!


  2. Love the lattice print, and the matching jacket! I've only recently started adding some white to my wardrobe, but I'm loving b&w together, it's just made for each other!


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