Monday, October 27, 2014

Secondhand #aussiecurves


Computer Hope

Computer Hope Computer Hope Computer Hope Computer Hope Computer Hope  

Outfit details:
1.  Skirt - The Renee Pencil Skirt by Mynt1792 (I am wearing a 16) 2. Top- The Lillian Top by Mynt1792 3. Jacket - The Brigitte Bomber by Mynt1792 4. Shoes- Birkenstock 'Arizona' c/o Rosenberg shoes (here) 5. Clutch - Secondhand Sportsgirl

Although ill admit I do borderline on obsessive with my wardrobe, I like to consider this as making me a smart shopper. My addiction for a clean, easy to manage and ccoordinated wardrobe, means i am no longer impulsive and easily able to stick my rule of 'Can I style it 5 ways' before I make a purchase. This works and I highly recommend it. This can though lead to me being able to easily justify purchasing the same item in a multitude of colours, such as this clutch. I first brought this colour second hand and now have triumphantly hunted down the other three.

One quintessential trend that runs through this exclusive 'keeper' capsule in my wardrobe (besides all my amazing second-hand finds, I used to run a vintage clothing store, did you know that?), is monochrome. These are my 'keeper' pieces, the investment pieces and the pieces that I cry about when they give up on life.

So you can image my reaction when I saw all the monochrome inspired pieces rocking their way down the SS15 runways, like a little kid in a candy shop! Not that monochrome ever went out of style, I mean how could it? But seeing it on the runway meant I knew the stores would go into overdrive and soon it would be raining black & white clothing, just the way I like it!

Once I spied the Mynt1792, i knew it had not just rained, but poured. The aesthetic of their new collection, is just so me, on so many levels. The strong 'Sports Luxe' vibe, teamed with a classic colour palette, keeps the collection both fresh and on trend. But at the same time allows me to envision at least 80% of the range as an investment piece, which is needed for me to justify any new purchases to ever expanding wardrobe. Like this white blazer here or even the incredible wide leg white pants here.

Your can check our their new Australian online store at .

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*collaborative post with Mynt1792 - all opinions completely and utterly my own.


  1. I love the skirt, it is very cool. I have phases of heavy monochromatic looks myself so I get where you're coming from, but then I wildly veer into colour again like a drunk playing with crayons...Ha! Anyway, great clutch and congrats on hunting it down in other colours! :)

  2. That skirt is stunning - will be eagerly checking out Mynt1792. Love the concept of picking items that can "be styled 5 ways".

  3. I'm so loving all the Mynt1792 stuff! When I was being shown the collection there were things that made me think of you, and things that made me think of SugerCoatIt! I love some good black and white!


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