Wednesday, October 15, 2014



Computer Hope

Computer Hope Computer Hope Computer Hope Computer Hope Computer Hope  

Outfit details:
1. War Paint Shredded Slouch Jogger - 17Sundays (I am wearing a 16) 2. Top- Ridiculously soft Chambray shirt - 17Sundays 3. Bag- Old Sportsgirl and officially stolen from a bestie 4. Sunglasses - Ebay

Well, as you have possibly already guessed, no i was not referring to the movement form of 'jog'. More like the comfortable, slouchy pants that fellow fashion hoarders across the globe have loved so much of late. The 'Jogger'.

I never thought I would fall into this 'Trend', although I use that term loosely as I feel that the 'Jogger' is simply a too versatile style, to just be a fad.

Anyone who has seen me recently has quite possible already had the thought of 'Does she actually own any other pants now?' and i'm OK with that. At work friend even mentioned to me the other day 'I've seen these pants around so much because EVERYONE is wearing them', two minutes later we realised that the EVERYONE she thought she had seen them on so frequently, was really just me.  I'm OK with that too.

But I mean really who can blame me? Maybe it's the quality Turkish Denim, Rose Gold details or strategic shredding (and yes its possible to get very very wrong!). Either way I'm head over heels.

Did I mention there is a pale blue denim version (here) and soon to be *insert heavy breathing*.. white!  Oh and since you're having your denim heaven moment, might as well check out this cute skirt too!

 E N O U G H - S A I D.

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  1. Oooo cute outfit! Love a mirrored aviator almost as much as I love a chambray shirt or jogger pant. LOVE.


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