Sunday, September 7, 2014

Houndstooth Tee #aussiecurves


Computer Hope

Computer Hope Computer Hope Computer Hope Computer Hope Computer Hope  

Outfit details:
1. Top - R by MS. Read Zipper Top 2. Shorts- Portmans (R. by MS. Read check shorts 3. Sunglasses - Vision Direct (Available here) 4. Blazer- Target

Shorts, Shorts, Shorts... they really can be my style enemy at times as to be honest I just find them difficult to wear and still remain true to my normal style. But this season i am loving how the 'Dress Short' have really made a comeback!

This little set (the top is a tshirt with gold side zippers) are from new curvy haven Ms Read. They ship directly to us to around $15AU and have such a unique collection with plenty of tailored pieces and I was very impressed with the quality. I am wearing a size 22 in the shorts (But I should have ordered a 20) and an 18 in the top, which fits perfectly.  When perusing the site i just fall head over heels for all this matchy matchiness. I can even feel  the non so subtle signs of a new style addiction coming on... matching short and tee sets for summer! See more on their instagram here!
As for designer sunglasses, as you all know my love for rose gold has been increasing ever so stream train fast.... its sister from another mister copper is even making a come back in my home (More on that later)! So I could not turn down these rose gold Michael Kors Aviators. Perfect for summer cruising in my convertible  Honda and a personal brand favourite when it comes to great quality for their price.
Personally, just like with handbags, i do think there is a fine line between paying for quality sunglasses vs. paying for the brand name  (My limit is $150) and these babies sit on that line perfectly. #inlove

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*collaboration post- all thoughts and style are my own as per usual.


  1. Absolutely stunning Ashley Rose ( as always ) Love love love Houndstooth ( not on me ) but it's one of those prints I love on others.. Nailed it gorgeous

  2. Great matchy matchyness, and Houndstooth is my absolute favorite pattern. You so classic Ashley Rose, you're like a modern day Jackie Kennedy. x

  3. Amazing styling as always! I think you're rocking that matchy matchiness and those dress shorts are so perfect on you - I think because they're more dressy they work well with your style x

  4. You can NEVER have too much houndstooth! The matching suits are so hot right now, and you really work this one :)


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