Sunday, August 3, 2014

The Red Baroque #aussiecurves


Computer Hope

Computer Hope Computer Hope Computer Hope  
Outfit details:
1. Dress-  Emma Maxi Shirt Dress (Gifted)
3. Bag- Avalina Red Leather Bag (Gifted) 3. Shoes - Big Shoe Zam 4. Necklace - Lovisa (Current Season) 5. Sunglasses - Ebay 

This weeks theme is 'Red', enough said as you all know this ones for me.. 

When the absolutely lovely team at IGIGI contacted me with their new 'Bohemian Rhapsody' range i just could not take my eyes of the ;Emma Dress' . Also coming in a gorgeous blue abstract print (see it here) ,although i was of course obsessed with the black! 

Shirt dresses are my absolute style staple when it comes to summer, since i am not a fan of the shift dress i just find that the shirt dress (which usually nips in at the waist) suits my body shape more. The major winning aspect of this dress is the fabric, its light, luxurious and flows without being clingy!

Do you have struggles fining bags you love? Maybe it is just me but i find most of the leather pieces in stores tacky, ugly or just plain impractical. I always tend to lend myself towards the Designer Styles, but can never justify the price tag. This bag however is just the epitome of luxury, super high quality leather and the shape is just 'oh so Birkin' (without the price tag!). I was completely torn between the red, beige and navy, but decided on the red since its just such a beautiful shade. I had not actually heard of Avalina Leather until the team contacted me, i was completely blown away with the range of high quality leather bags (Prices range for $100 to $270). so Avalina Leather completely solved my procrastination  dilemma! 

The team have been so kind and offered my readers 20% off their next purchase using the code ''AVALINA20OFF', so if you are after a new handbag i promise their ginormous range will not disappoint.

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