Sunday, August 17, 2014

Distressed Denim Heaven. #aussiecurves


Computer Hope

Computer Hope Computer Hope Computer Hope Computer Hope Computer Hope  

Outfit details:
1. Pants - 17 Sundays (Coming very very soon in many washes!) 2. Top - City Chic (2013) 3. Jacket - Portmans (2012) 4. Shoes - Wittner 5. Bag - Sportsgirl

Denim, it is the staple, the holy grail, the one piece I could never live without.

I have over 15 pairs of denim pieces in my wardrobe and you know what, everything single piece will have to wear out before it ever leaves my wardrobe
Now, back to these joggers. When 17Sundays put up a sneak peek of these babies on their IG @17sundays .... well I lost the plot. The denim is at the top of the list of the highest quality I have worn, that perfect blend of thickness and give. The distressing is in all the right places and to top it off, rose gold hardware? Swoon.
You know when you just see a piece and know you h a v e - t o - h a v e- i t . To the point that a meltdown to rival that of a three year old toddler is imminent? Know that feeling?My list still includes: Distressed denim skirt, wide fit sliders, white joggers, black shirt dress and the perfect white shirt!
What piece have you got on your list that if you find you just 'Had To Have'?


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  2. My fave look this week. You're gorgeous!

  3. LOVE! Those pants are seriously amazing and I think I may need to buy a pair for myself. Loving it paired with the sequins!

  4. I love this look! As always, your styling is impeccable xo

  5. Beautiful! I like the ensemble. :)


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