Sunday, July 27, 2014

Pastel Winters


Computer Hope

Computer Hope Computer Hope Computer Hope Computer Hope 
Outfit details:
1. Top - Knit Suzanne Grae 2. Jacket - A+ Markets
3. Jeans - ASOS  Saxby Boyfriend (Sold Out) 4. Necklace - IGIGI Paige Necklace 5. Bag - Yours White Shopper Bag (On Sale - Get it here!)

Pastels - Previously i feel although throughout winter i have ditched all color. I have been trying all season to turn my winter style around and incorporate as much color as possible! I actually think i have done quite well... considering 85% of my new additions are actually black!

Onto the outfit. Roll-necks, Cowl Necks and Turtlenecks have certainly been one of those styles i have just kept on adding (Suzanne Grae is fabulous for on the cheap knitwear and this is no exception)! I feel like enough is never enough, yet i'm sure i uttered the words of 'That is hideous' only 5 years ago. It is so strange how styles come around and around, sometimes appealing too me and sometimes not? Think the above mentioned Turtlenecks, Birkenstocks (I have a pair on the way), Flare jeans and Denim Skirts (Distressed denim of course).... the later two of which i am already seriously considering! 

Maybe the clothes hoarders have it right all along? I am already regretting my ruthless 3 month turn around (If i have not worn a piece it goes!), as perhaps the hoarding side of life would actually turn out to be cheaper in the long run?

 Do you have any pieces from years ago hidden away waiting for a re-vamp? 

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  1. Love this outfit on you. I love these icy pastels for the winter! Also, I've been looking for a pair of ripped jeans like that! So hard to find nice plus size ones D:

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  2. I don't hoard many outfits, however there are some pieces that I cannot throw away, or, that I left at my parents house when I moved overseas 7 years ago that it is nice to see again. I think hoarding is probably cheaper in the long run. :D Love this coat too, and the necklace. x


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