Saturday, July 19, 2014

Delicate Sequins


Computer Hope

Computer Hope Computer Hope Computer Hope 
Outfit details:
1. Top (Gift)- Nyata (Find it here) 2. Pants - Jacquie E
3. Bag - Sportsgirl 4. Shoes- My favorite very old Wittners

Recently i was contacted regarding a new plus size brand on the market 'Nyata'. The first aspect that struck me about this brand was the name, as 'Nyata' refers to the word 'Real' in Indonesian (Random fact 101; I used to speak fluent Indonesian!). Their aesthetic is very timeless and classic with a modern edge, featuring alot of sequins and items perfect to wear out at night.

I was sent the gorgeous 'Wanita Lady' top, which does feature a dipped longer section at the front, perfect for you ladies who love to wear leggings, i just tucked it up on this occasion for my jeans! My favorite aspect of this piece is the sequin size, if you didn't already know... and im going to presume you didn't.. i adore teeny tiny sequins for detailing. There is just something so delicate and well, more expensive looking about tiny sequins compared to their larger counterparts when used in the details of a piece. Maybe its just me? 

Oh and did i mention the cuff? Also by 'Nyata' this real leather plus size, yes you hear right PLUS SIZE sized cuff is just gorgeous. It sits perfectly against my favorite watch, so lets say it gets worn everyday most days

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