Sunday, June 29, 2014

Pretty Lace and Pastels


Computer Hope

Computer Hope Computer Hope Computer Hope
Outfit details:
1. Skirt- Mesh Midi Skirt 2. Top - Dorothy Perkins here also comes in black here
3. Shoes-  Macys 

Date Night these days is a glass of wine and a sneaky piece of chocolate on the couch and i wasnt sure you really wanted to see me in my PJ'S? However, in previous years i have always related the word 'Date' to pretty pastels and romantic lace. 

There is nothing better than doing your hair, painting your nails, spending time to do your makeup that little bit extra glam and then slipping on those pretty pastels. A few hours of pre-date girl time is the perfect prequel to the perfect date in my eyes!

In the styling i teaed the pretty coral pinks with a touche of red, recently i really have loved the tonal color blocking as you can see here. I actually thought i would have moved past this trend by now, but i think it may end up being a keeper! Can already see the mix of mint and jade... pastel blue and true blue... the possibilities are endless!

I have so many fabulous posts in the works right now, really in styling heaven! Are there any trends or styles you would  like to see? Tutorials? I am all ears for your needs ladies x

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  1. Such a beautiful outfit! Really lovely

  2. I do think you look amazing in red, and I haven't actually seen you in anything flowy and soft like this before - you look stunning. <3

  3. totally rocking the tonal colour blocking - you look absolutely gorgeous!

  4. So soft and pretty, gorgeous! :) xx

  5. Beautiful Ash, this colour is delicious on you and the lace is sooo beautiful.

    I hear you, I seem to get fascinated by certain things and then just can't move past them. Mostly because I don't want to. Haha. But whatever. And to be honest, if it works this well for you, then go for it I say! Over and over and over again. ;)

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