Friday, April 4, 2014

My Style | Aussie Curves 'Green'

Computer Hope

Computer Hope Computer Hope Computer Hope
Outfit details:
1. Dress-17Sundays 'Cash It Print Dress' (On sale for $50!) 2. Knit- Asos Pocket Knit
3. Shoes-  Wittner 4. Sunglasses - Who Knows

Green, its one of those colours that i just dont wear. Not intentionally, i actually have green eyes so it really makes a fair bit of sense that i should be wearing green! I picked up this dress last year c/o 17 Sundays and it has just sat in my wardrobe staring at me and begging  to be worn.

See the predicament is that i adore this dress, but find it a bit loud for my style. So to tone it down a tad i layered it with one of my ever expanding collection of light knitwear - Fabulous! I turned a  dress into a skirt, only small problem with that is i crashed my car and need a new one an need to save money to travel and my market pile has just had three dresses removed! Next up is my little red dress with my pale pink knit. See? Houston we have a problem solution!
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  1. That is a really awesome dress, and I am always a fan of layering, so the skirt maneuver is certainly fun. Your sunnies rock too :D

  2. Love the dress-turned-into-a-skirt solution! Such fab colours. Love!

  3. love this look! especially the sunnies and green heels x

  4. Stumbled upon your blog and am absolutely loving it. Got to say, the dress is so pretty. Never seen anything like it. And those shades, my my.

    Love the way you wore this look Ashley.


    1. Aww so glad you found me :-) Thanks for stop by xxx

  5. You are one heck of a stylish lady. Love your look this week! :)

  6. Hello there,Ciao...lovely photos and charming,great outfit...Cheers!
    Ciao from Italy

  7. Love this dress and look, probably one of my favs on you!


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