Wednesday, April 9, 2014

My Style | Aussie Curves 'Pattern Clash'

Computer Hope

Computer Hope Computer Hope Computer Hope
Outfit details:
1. Dress - ASOS (Sold out but pink/navy version here and im wearing straight size 18UK)) 2. Jumper - Glassons 3. Shoes - Macys (Similiar here) 4. Accessories - Sportsgirl (Similar Here)

Patterns are made to be clashed! I like to take a more classic approach to style, but have always been strongly drawn to putting unexpected prints together. There is something so seamless yet so stylish about mixing prints this way.

I myself like to stick to similar toned prints to tie the look together however, on the other hand I have seen many street style shots of completely un-tonal prints together and looking amazing. My only tip would be that if the prints are not tied together in their colour palette, is to then tie in your accessories. Whether it be matching bag and shoes and shoes and lips, tying this aspect of your outfit together will ensure that the outfit as a whole is still put together!

Do you like to clash? #thisisashrose on Instagram and show me your print clashing style!
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  1. This is great! I really love that sweater and it's cool the way you've tied it all together by just sticking to monochromes! :D :D

    1. Monochromes is the easiest way to clash prints :-) Sweater was a great glassons find xx

  2. Very cute!!! Love the purse with it and really like the tat!!! Haha - not something you just added today, I know!!! Looks awesome! :-). The outfit really flows great! Jude.

    1. Haha thanks Jude. Which one? The one on my wrist I added about 3.5 years ago (It says Rose so pretty self explanatory!) the one on my ankle was a last minute decision between myself and a friend when I was newly 18.. not so sure I still like the decision, but is a great memory xx

  3. Like your dress and bag :) M&MFASHIONBITES

  4. Such a babe! Loving this outfit. LOTS.

    1. Well I love yours to you :-) now give me some sour cream!! xx

  5. This is stunning! I love that you just went pure monochrome (more or less). I always feel the need to go BAM somewhere, and it doesn't always work in my favour. Love your work, Ash :)

    1. Thanks Kobi, yes I am an addict to the classics and sometimes I think less is more..although on the other hand sometimes more is more haha xx

  6. no wonder you were so excited about this outfit it is just perfect! you are one gorgeous lady, the bag, the heels, the skirt, the jumper AH I WANT!

    1. Nawww thanks Ezmae! It has turned out to be one of my favourites! Strangely the dress had been sitting in the wardrobe for a fair while with tags!! Ive now worn it twice this week lol xxx

  7. Hey Ashley! Look over there, it's a dinosaur! *steals jumper*

  8. I really love this! cutest sweater ever !

  9. This is such an amazing look. I'm hesitant, but excited to try pattern clash. Thanks for the inspiration!

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