Tuesday, January 14, 2014

My Style | Aussie Curves 'Breaking the Rules'

Computer Hope

Computer Hope Computer Hope Computer Hope Computer Hope
Outfit details:
1. Swimwear - Swimsuits For All . Hat - Thrifted Mimco
3. Sunglasses - The streets of New York 

You know what is a major rule breaker? Having curves and hitting the beach sans boardshorts or a huge soggy tshirt coverup.  Because lets face it its one of those rules that i like to break like last year that society has planted in our brains, you know, in case we may disrupt the 'Mental Comfort' of fellow beach patrons with our jiggly bits.

But really, is it our present to society to conceal every last piece of our skin? Sacrificing both comfort and happiness for these indiscriminate few? 

If only reality was so easy... well reality can be that easy if you allow yourself to let it be.
So 'Choose Your Attitude'.
Choose to be Happy. Choose to feel free. Choose to care for you.

You matter more than those society demons sitting on the back of your temporal lobe, screaming in your ear to cover up. So my challenge to you? Strip it off ladies, break those rules and bring out your inner Aussie Beach Babe!

Myself and @swimsuitsforall want to see you in those swimmers! So get them on and hashtag #s4aAussieBeachBabe and #s4aDownUnder to join in on the summer fun!

p.s. yes, curves on the beach is a topic i am passionate about .This is also quite possible the most strung together sentences i have formed throughout my entire blog. THE END. oh and Hello!
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  1. Indeed! It's SO impractical to wear t-shirts and board shorts when you're really there to swim. You look fab. The print of this suit is beautiful.

  2. Absolutely G-O-R-G-E-O-U-S Ashley... go you!!!

  3. Hello there,Ciao Ashley...Nice post!...Yes,You're a great Artist ofstyle and Artists always breaking the rules!
    ...by he way...so lovely photos
    Ciao from Italy

  4. Looking seriously fabulous! LOVE the shades!

  5. Those photos are truly beautiful. I haven't been to the beach in a really long time because of my 'gigly bits', maybe I just need to do it. I love the beach. So brave!


  6. I gave boardies the flick last summer and I am so much happier without them. You look fab - I need to get on the swimsuits for all train!


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