Sunday, December 22, 2013

Aussie Curves | Resort

Computer Hope

Computer Hope Computer Hope Computer Hope Computer Hope
Outfit details:
1. Top - Vintage/Thrifted 2. Jeans - Asos
3. Bag-  Thrifted 4. Shoes - Nudie Shoes

Resort wear is always a bit of a conundrum for me. Not really being always that partial to flowing lines and whimsical prints. So as per usual I opted for leopard (a resort-wear must!) and some rips, to form the a casual yet dressy blend of pure comfort.

The added bonus of this outfit is the leopard top is actually a beach kimono that I have tucked in to form a wrap top. If you are wearing resort wear you generally on a holiday (if your not then shhh! You lucky lady you!), so this is an added option to lighten that suitcase and construct a plentiful array of outfits. Have you got those kimonos & cardigans #wrapping lately?
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