Thursday, October 3, 2013

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Computer Hope

Computer Hope

Computer HopeComputer Hope Computer Hope  

Outfit details:
1. Dress - Scarlett & Jo  2. Shoes - Big Shoe Zam 3. Clutch- Sportsgirl via Ebay

So I may not live in the USA but I am happy to continue on with their season when our summer is booming down upon us. There is just something about winter colours and styles that I really adore, don't get me wrong I love summer fashion also, but I just find that the colder months are really the most style friendly.

A wine hued red is always my second most beloved colour to wear, only recently did I start to team it with Mustard and Leopard and I have to say I do love the combination. A simple dress and a statement shoe is just one of the most simple tricks to get ready in a pinch and this dress allows so much, which is why I clearly need it in black also!

Sorry for the slight lack of focus, you get that when you battle 100km winds in the name of fashion. Google it, truth! Melbourne weather on 01-10 was not fun at all.
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  1. Great dress on You and the lippie is just right!

  2. Wow! You look amazing in this dress. Seen a few other bloggers in it but the way you wear it makes me want to buy one immediately x

  3. My god. I must have that dress. It looks Amazing on you.


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