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Beauty | Hollywood curls with GHD

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1. Dress - GHD V pink styler 2. Shoes - GHD V pink styler

I was recently sent a new pink styler from GHD. This is meant to be a review but i have been using a GHD for at least 5 years and sware by them, so i didnt really need to trial it. What the fabulous part is with this particular release is that for every ghd V pink diamond set sold, $20 will be donated to the National Breast Cancer Foundation. The ghd V pink diamond set is part of the beautiful jewel collection and features a ghd V professional styler in a rich pink metallic finish and a matching paddle brush!

What i find my GHD most useful for is creating curls. I have dead straigh hair, i mean dead straight for every post you see with my hair straight it is rarely more than a dry off, no blow dry or straightening. Great huh? Well it is until you decide you would like some 'Volume', this is one aspect that straight hair is not that kind too. So how do i do it?

1. I wash my hair with a drying shampoo (Usually a dandruff shampoo and never a shampoo for coloured hair!)
2. I spray my hair with a heat protector, mine is combined with a straightening spray but this works fine for curls too (its all just marketing!)
3. I loosely dry off my hair upside down, then spray excessively with hairspray.
4. Section my hair and spray each indiviual section with the straightening/curl spray prior to curling.
5. To create the curl start at the top then work the GHD down the strands ,then i wrap it back to the top, hold for 10seconds!
6. Slide a bobby pin into the curl (I slip mine just between the plates as they are holding the curl!), then QUICKLY loosen my hold on the GHD then push the curl off the end of the styler, beware of fingers and heat!
7. Slide a second bobby pin into the curl as close to the scalp as possible to keep the curl in shape.
8. Repeat 100million times until all hair is curled and pinned, spray intermittingly with excess hairspray until can is nearly empty.
9. To help set the curls i will use my hair drier and heat the curls again, then leave at minimum of an hour! If you can leave them in overnight!
10. Take out all bobby pins, then brush curls out to create the Old Hollywood style!

Tip; If you are going out take your curls out very very last, if possible leave the last few face framing curls pinned until the very very last minute!

Go pink!
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