Monday, September 2, 2013

Aussie Curves | Vulnerable side

Computer Hope

Computer HopeComputer HopeComputer Hope

Outfit details:
1. Shirt - Harlow 2. Skirt- Ebay 3. Necklace- Sportsgirl 4. Shoes- Wittner

So why is this post the one I used for this theme? Trust me its not the convenience of having them all ready to go from my photoshoot with this The Sunday Life with The Age. But because this is a true representation of my vulnerable side (in fashion!).
1. I am wearing a pencil skirt with a top other than a peplum
2. I am wearing all pastels.
3. I am showing my pasty white legs without tights.

Now i know these are all features I regularly show on the blog, but no matter how hard I try these are still on my list of features or outfits I will always feel a sense of discomfort wearing.  We all have our "place" or our "issue" that we will always feel bothered about, for me I don't have one issue that I have a huge problem with, but a few smaller issues that I feel semi discomfort for. My blog over the past 2 years has certainly helped me over come these slowly but surely. I have read all your amazing posts this week and its simply fabulous to see how a group of women so positively impacting each others lives, every single week! Thanks to the queen and creator of #aussiecurves Danimezza for this supportive and encouraging platform!

So onto the more positive parts of this post! Do you want to win the shirt I am wearing by Harlow Australia? Well enter below to win and also enter to win a fabulous cosmetic gift pack from SAX Cosmetics! If you have not heard about SAX they are a fabulous little affordable brand that do an incredible bronzer to start with (Just like NARS!), this is how I found them initially!

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Photo credit to Andrew Babarczy


  1. Hello,Ciao Ashley...
    I like your Style...Classy,Chic,Fabolous...You're Invulnerable! ...You're a Queen of Beauty and Style indeed!
    the Red little bag is the perfect note of colour,Great!
    Greetings from Italia

    1. Amazing outfit! I have only just come across the Aussie Curves thing! You are all very inspiring :) x

  2. I really love your take on the shirt! Really well put together outfit for lots of different events, very versatile! Excuse me if I now toddle off and copy this look :-)


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