Monday, September 16, 2013

Aussie Curves | Peplum

Computer Hope

Computer Hope
Computer Hope Computer Hope Computer Hope 

Outfit details:
1. Top - Asos Curve  2. Jacket - City Chic (Is full length i am wearing it cropped) 
3. Skirt-  Harris Scarf 4. Shoes- Wittner 

I don't really believe peplums to still be a trend piece, but that means nothing to me. They have not gone into the "That was a phase pile" but are certainly in the "Classic, timeless piece" pile. They will never leave my wardrobe due to the classic silhouette they create. Perfect to team with a pencil skirt to create a dress, perfect for jeans and really perfect for anyone! If you dont believe peplums suit you,i strongly urge you to give one a try. Also do no give up if the first one dose not sit right, i have found that the slightest difference (Waist width, waist length, how long the ruffle is etc) can make a huge difference in the way the peplum shape accentuates your body, so keep trying! Try try try!
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  1. I still haven't found a peplum top that suits me, but I won't give up! ^_-
    Anyway, I LOVE this outfit, I love the matching polka dots! *___*

  2. Gorgeous top! I love the dots and the peplum.

  3. you look incredible as always! love the matching polka dots!

  4. This outfit is totally killer! the matching stockings blow my mind!

  5. Love the spots. You look great

  6. Love the double spots! Great outfit!

  7. Replies
    1. Its the zippered jacket, you just zip it off lol I actually got it because I wanted a cropped blazer and having trouble finding one! xx

  8. Amazing, amazing outfit! I am now kicking myself for all the times I screwed my nose up at this top as it is now sold out, it looks fantastic on you.


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