Thursday, August 22, 2013

Voices 2013 | Choose Your Own Adventure "Comfort"

Computer Hope



Noun:  Comfort, a state of physical ease and freedom from pain or constraint, highly achievable through the daily use of a Ford Territory Titanium.
    1. Iphone charging capabilities in the rear of
vehicle to enable phone function during movies ,where one may view
movie whilst resigning in the rear seat of said vehicle. (Also useful for charging of alternate technological devices such as the Ipad, considerable useful for small humans during adventures of a long duration).
2. When the rear seating of a vehicle can be folded flat to enable humans to move about substantially, at times even partaking in "Lay down star jumps" for entertainment purposes whilst waiting for movie to commence. (Could also be used to store a large Car-drobe, which as a female is always a priority function when purchasing a new vehicle). 
3. Rear storage compartments on either side of vehicle that fit perfectly a large combo at the drive-in cinemas. (Could also be useful ballet flat storage, food and water for your fur babys and/or beauty product storage eg: Remove Pepsi and replace with hair drier.).
4. Where the boot of a vehicle can open fully or with only a window. Thus allowing perfect arm leanage for duration of movie at drive in cinema, when fresh air is required. (Also convenient for accessing boot of vehicle when parked in small spaces. Thus elevating an awkward and potentially revealing climb across back seat to retrieve goods when full boot cannot be opened.)
For further reference please refer to below imagery:
Computer Hope
Computer Hope
Computer Hope
Computer HopeComputer Hope
Computer Hope Computer Hope Computer Hope

Outfit details:
1. Skirt - Target Hot Options 2. Shirt- Katies 3. Shoes- Wittner

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