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"BeauCoo is the worlds first and only body positive style network"

"A site for women to inspire other women"

Earlier this month I was emailed by a reader to let me know of an new iphone app called BeauCoo that she was using. She thought it might be useful to my readers, about this time the actual company also contacted me and so the love story began..

BeauCoo completely hits on an area that I , as a fashion blogger, feel so strongly about. Which is the issue of "Body confidence" and the general lack of media with plus size related content. I know that many of you style obsessed ladies rely on the Internet for your fashion inspiration, you cannot pick up the latest issue of Vogue and imagine yourself draped in the designer goods straight from the page.

This alone is the main reason I created my blog, to inspire ladies all around the globe that you and your curves can step outside of your comfort zone, that fashion is not size restricted! But even though not restricted, it does at times rely on being a little bit creative and sometimes, you really just need to think outside the box and be inspired from a like mind (and even better when its a collective of minds). Now this is where the plus size community is fabulous, from facebook groups, to twitter and blogs we can all help each other out, but any way to make it even easier is always a bonus right?

So why am I sharing this with you? BeauCoo  is a style lovers social network , with a webpage and app where you can share your style photos with women from all around the globe! Unlike many similar sites it is open to all shapes and sizes and has one huge difference! Now we all know that when you have curves they are not always as evenly distributed as we would like, making it hard to find pieces and styles that fit you in that perfect way! This is where the site has added an aspect that, even though so simple, really is pure genius! You can actually follow other women that have similar measurements to your own! Which means you can see where they buy their clothes, how they style their shape (which is your shape too!) and be completely inspired in a new and exciting way!

 You add your measurements in the sign up process, which can be completed on Iphone or Android and use either your email or facebook to login, just confirm you are a women then Beaucoo will match you with users who have similar measurements (Just click "Fit Match" at the top!) and you can see the outfits they are trying and posting.

"BeauCoo is a body positive style network to that connects women with similar body dimensions to make it easy to find and buy clothes that make her look and feel great. BeauCoo is like Modcloth meets a body positive Instagram for plus-size women."


Raise hands if you love Instagram

Raise hands if you love Modcloth
So clearly you raised your hands to both of these questions which if why you should clink the cute pink button below and come join me!


Computer Hope

Computer HopeComputer Hope

Below I have featured a video I came across the explains even more about this body positive site #BoPo

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