Sunday, July 7, 2013

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Computer Hope

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Computer Hope

Outfit details:
1. Coat - ASOS Curve PU sleeve coat (On sale!)  2. Top- ASOS Curve flocked top (On sale $27!) 3. Jeans - City chic 4. Necklace - Diva  5. Bag- Vince Camuto (Nordstrom rack N.Y)

So last night my man and i headed out to celebrate (Belated!) our 2 year anniversary. We headed to a local Tapa's bar called Eighty one. Serving cute cocktails in jam jars and snack size treats with delicious dipping sauces, whats not to love. We dined on calamari, bread and dips, olives and chicken with blue cheese sauce, heaven!

I brought this top last week after deciding that it fit into my safe neutral territory, or the territory where i find an excuse to justify every single purchase as they "go together". It had also gone down to only $27, which as we all know is the best excuse of all! I don't regret it one single bit though as the top in life is so much prettier than online, i love the boxy cut and see through mesh and it really is so nice and light to layer! The coat i have had for a little while and brought it as soon as it went down to just over $100 on sale, best purchase, don't regret it one bit! Kept me toasty warm on yet again another icy Melbourne night! 

THE CAKE. So if you know me well, follow my IG (@thisisashrose) or have spoken to me for more than 30 seconds than you would know my affinity with sugar. Its not a good one and certainly is the villain trying to over throw my "Clean raw eating"... but at times i give in and this cake was one of those times! I kid you know it was better than it looked! I have a certain obsession with cake that has limited "cake", so think mousse,  caramel, biscuit bases, merange and those kind of things, less mud cake and more goo! Notice how this paragraph is getting longer than the others? THATS how much i love cake. Do you love cake?

Cake, cake, cake , cake , cake , cake ..... CAKE. The End.       CAKE. 

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