Monday, July 15, 2013

Aussie Curves | Oversized

Computer Hope

Computer HopeComputer HopeComputer HopeComputer Hope

Outfit details:
1. Pants - Target hot options  2. Blazer- City Chic 3. Top -ASOS Curvy Silky top 4. Necklace - Diva  5. Shoes - Wittner 6. Lipstick - MAC Brave

So I know this is really that oversized, but a loose quality fabric cami is about as oversized as I get (since we all know I am a sucker for some tailoring!). But really, in all honesty for now about $17 these woven tanks at ASOS are just the best investment ever, so much so that I have not only these tops in both colours (Blush and Black) but I also have both in two sizes! They are just the perfect silky texture, yet they are not see through, double win!

These photos were taken at the "Press and buyers" event at FFFW. I managed to snap a photo with the ever so lovely Kelly, a fellow plus fashion blogger and the drop dead gorgeous Kaela Humphries from Ford Models (and otherwise known as Kim Kardashians ex-husbands sister) but with a face like that I mean who really cares, she is the real deal and so down to earth to booth. Yes im a bit #fangirl.

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  1. Im the same, I feel funny in baggy clothes. love tailored and well fitting things to show off my figure. This is such an awesome outfit!

  2. I am the complete opposite, everything I wear needs to be loose haha. Only because ive never liked the feeling of clingy, but a well tailored jacket never goes unnoticed.

    I bought a bunch of Cami's like this from Forever21 when I was in the states recently, I bought 4 colours they were only $6.80 cant complain with that, just a bit thin for layering during the winter though. I have a hard time finding a real warm jacket that fits in Australia its so annoying.


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