Thursday, June 20, 2013

The Curvy 10 | Blog to be Alive

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Name: Valerie De Pever
Blog name: Blog to be Alive (
Location: Belgium

1. What is your biggest tip for shopping for curves? I guess the first obvious thing is to know your body, your measurements, especially if you are going to shop online. I prefer to shop in stores that carry my size but sometimes it’s also worth checking straight size shops and look for over sized cuts, clothes with elasticated waist, etc Check blogs and Facebook pages to see what customers have to say about the brand/clothes. And most of all don’t be afraid to experiment with your style. After all dressing yourself is supposed to be a fun experience.

2. Are there any styles/cuts that you would like to see being produced by plus size designers that you have trouble finding in your size? I basically wish that everything made in smaller sizes would be also made in larger sizes. I hate that some plus size designers only do tunics for example. I am sure some women love that look, but I think the key is diversity.

3. What are your top 3 stores to create a fabulous head to toe look? Most of clothes come from ASOS Curve and Dorothy Perkins. I also really the fashion line Mary Portas has created for House of Fraser. She makes gorgeous dresses with hyper realistic prints.
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"This is a dress by Anna Scholz one of my favourite designers. I really like this twist on the animal print, and the black/white mixed with the red. It’s classy but also fun"
4. What are your current most loved colour combinations? I love a black skirt with a super colorful or printed jacket.

5. Are there any trends you would like to see either revisited, revamped or can foresee being a big thing in 13/14 for plus fashion? We had to wait a little but plus size retailers are finally jumping on the galaxy print trend. Also the pop art trend is starting to make its way in plus size fashion. New Look has for the moment a cute pop art print dress, and ASOS has some striped, polka dots,… clothes.

6. If you could travel anywhere in the world right now where would it be? Probably Florida. I would love to go back to Disney World because it’s such a magical place where you can just become a kid again for a few days.
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"Everyone knows that I love pop art / comics print so of course this is also one of my favourite outfit. I got the skirt on Etsy and it’s pretty much one of a kind"
7. Describe your dream home? I don’t care much about the home but more where it’s located. I would love to live in a state like California where it’s (mostly) sunny all year long! Can you tell I am sick of this never ending Winter? lol

9. What are your goals for 2013? I honestly don’t have specific goals for this year.

10. Give us either your favourite recipe or beauty tip? In the Summer I love to use lipsticks as blush. As they are creamy it gives a more natural look than powder.
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