Monday, July 1, 2013

Aussie Curves | Pink

Computer Hope

Computer HopeComputer HopeComputer Hope

Outfit details:
1. Pants - City Chic TDF Hourglass 2. Blazer- City Chic 3. Top -City Chic 4. Necklace - Vintge Cartel (Aus plus fashion ebay seller!) 5. Shoes - Wittner 6. Lipstick - MAC rebel

Another day, another New York post. I promise to keep them coming thick and heavy for the next couple of week! And yes there will be a lot of City Chic, if you do or do not know i went to FFFW as their fashion insider which was amazing fun and such a great opportunity (and I got to wear so many incredible pieces!).

Now I know this City Chic top is a little older, but im still heavily obsessed with its textured glory. I am not a huge fan of pink, but I tend to take a liking to the darker, grungier shades! However it did sit a little funny at the bust, perhaps a little big which is unusual but i still adore it either way!

Now for memory (my brain is a little jet-lagged fuzzy right now!), we went to the "Curves in the City" shopping sample sale in the morning and then Danielle, Lilli and I headed off in search of a little bit of pampering. Which after a relentless foot search and many google searches we found up a rather inconspicuous staircase where a full blown nail/massage parlour was hiding! So those tired feet and chipped nails all got some much needed TLC! Although I must say, my black SHELLAC pedi/mani lasted over 3 weeks #impressed #inowspeakinhash #socialmediaoverload.

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  1. Absolutely love that necklace. Gorgeous top.

  2. Your whole outfit looks fabulous! I like that you've chosen to wear that top with an otherwise black outfit - great styling.


  3. That outfit is gorgeous! Love the necklace!!

  4. gorgeous! I wasn't too sure about that top when it came on but it looks fantastic on!

  5. I am so in love with that necklace!! Really gives the whole look a touch of dark glamour! The top is really great too!


  6. That necklace is everything - great look!

    ~Johara @ Luvin’ My Curves

  7. Great outfit Ashley! So beautiful, the top really is something else!

  8. That really is a fantastic top! Love this look.


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