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Beauty | My face routine

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So as you may or may not know i have been quite the obsessive beauty product hoarder for many, many years. However a rather large difference is if i don't like a product i throw it out! So i guess i don't physically hoard i more mentally hoard, as in "MUST TRY EVERYTHING ONCE".
I have tried from Chanel to Cetaphil and all in between and in the past two weeks i have come to the conclusion that i finally have created a selection of products that are completely suited to me. I'm not saying that they are suited to everyone, all beauty product selection should be a matter of trial and error. I'm not talking about a couple of days either, i trial all products for at least a month! See some products create a "Purge" effect, where they will actually bring out all the impurities and make your skin worse before it gets better. This is why you must properly try all products and not give up at the first sign of a spot.
So here are my favourites, I'm not scientists so I'm not going to tell you the nitty gritty of the ingredients in all these products just why i love them! And also this post is COMPLETELY non sponsored!
Philosophy Purity Made Simple Cleanser:
Pros: It really creates that squeaky clean sensation. It is non foaming which i love as i have always found that foaming cleaners dry out my skin. It includes many fabulous essential oils and the main reason is that it removes all makeup! In one go to! It is not cheap but i find that this size (about $35 online) last me almost a year.
Cons: It does sting the eyes, do not get it in the eyes!
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Diluted Apple Cider Vinegar
Biore Triple Action Toner 
Pros: I use two toners because i find with my combination skin that the toner i need on my T zone is different to what i need on my cheeks, forehead etc. The Biore toner is perfect for my T zone with its salicylic acid and witch hazel as it really dries up any oiliness and/or pimples! However if i use this on the other areas of my face it actually will break me out. So for these areas i use a diluted 50/50 organic apple cider vinegar and water mix. This is a heavenly product and has reduced the redness on my cheeks ten fold. It has also evened my skin tone and reduced pore size.
Cons: The Biore toner breaks me out if i use it anywhere but my T zone and the apple cider vinegar does smell really funky! But suck it up as its worth the smell for the results!

And for your reference, pink is for the vinegar and T-zone if for the Biore.

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CereVE AM Moisterizer
Alpha Hydrox Enchance Cream (AH cream)
Pros: The CereVe has been my number one moisturizer for 3 years now. Unfortunately you cannot purchase it in Australia but it is seriously amazing! It has an SPF30 and has not broken me out once! It is nice and thick and really moisturisers very well. It also contains ceramides, niacinamide and hyaluronic acid, all ingredients which are commonly found in high end beauty products. I use it twice a day and it is perfectly find under makeup, another pro is it would be a cheaply if you didnt have to pay postage, comparable to Cetaphil (but alot better quality!). The Alpha Hydrox i have also been using for many years. It is referred to as a chemical exfoliant , i don't like using harsh rough grainy exfoliates on my skin but if i don't use anything then my skin will build up, this works perfectly! I use it about 3 times a week, usually at night!
Cons: You have to buy the CeraVe online, which makes it about $20 a bottle when really it should only be $10ish. I usually buy in bulk. I also don't like that the Alpha Hydrox is in a jar, though i think that this has recently been rectified and it may now be in a pump! (Don't quote me though but i am sure i saw it!)

 Queen Helene Mint Julep Masque
Pros: This is just amazing! I have been using this mask once a week for about 4 years. I read about it first on a makeup review site and being a huge fan of mint i thought i really needed to give it a go, like the CereVe it is only available for purchase online , hat i have found. However i did recently buy a body butter from the same brand at Chemist Warehouse (I didn't ask at the time if they stocked this!) It lasts me ages though so i am not really fussed on purchasing it online.
Cons: Not really any
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Kiehls creamy avocado eye cream.
Pros: I use this religiously every single night. IT WORKS! I have even had friends comment as they have been observing their "Smile lines" starting to become more refined that i really didn't have any. You see i certainly do have them, i actually started to notice them 2 years ago and that would be the time i purchase this little beauty. It keeps my eye area perfectly moisturised, and well plump! It last forever and i consider it an absolute investment. The eye area is such an important section of the face to look after, so for this minimal cost its really just a necessity.  
Cons: Absolutely NONE!
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Some of these products can be purchased in Australia, for the ones that are not i highly suggest you check out Tarazz here where you can purchase a couple of these products from two major American beauty retailers (No they did not sponsor me to say this and i have never actually shopped with them but have heard good thing!)
If you have any questions about this post below then let me know! Hope this maybe opened up a few new products for you to try, i might even write a makeup post at some point?

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