Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Announcement | The Fashion Front

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See that is my super duper excited face and i really am THAT excited. Because i was chosen to be an official blogger of the FFFWeek® Fashion Front during my upcoming trip to New York!

I will be in New York from June 13th to June 26th i will then be heading to L.A for 3 nights.

I was chosen alongside these other inspiring bloggers from around the globe;

The Fashion Front:
1. This is Ashley Rose   Australian
2. Danimezza   Australian
3. Frocks and Frou Frou    Australian
4. Pockets and Bows
5. The Curvy and Curly Closet
6. Full Figure Plus
7. Jasifers Lions Club
8. The Curvy CanadianKiller Kurves
9. Fashionista
10. The Plus Size of me
11. Gorgeous in Grey

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(This is the excited me!)

I am so honored, humbled and absolutely estatic to be a VIP member of this event, alongside the above 11 bloggers from all around the world. Not only does that mean that i get special access to all the fashion events, but i also have the oppoutunity to engage with many inspiring individuals who all play such a major role in this ever changing and devaloping industry.

This will be my first trip to New York, actually my first trip to America in general. I am very lucky to have travelled the world and Australia a reasonable amount. But this is my dream trip , for any fashionista New York is just the epitomy, the hub of fashion, the place of dreams and generally that place you envision yourself running of to as a little girl. I really cant place into words just how amazed i am that it really is happening.     

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(The age of dreaming, my grandmother and i)

So on that note are you in New York? Near New York? Want a reason to pack your bags and head to New York? Then i suggest you take a look at the FFFWeek® Schedule , because really YOLO!

Computer Hope

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  1. Congrats girl!!!


  2. Yyaayyyy! I am so so excited to party with yo there! You deserve this babe, you rock! Xx


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