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The Curvy 10 | Closet Confessions

    Name: Caitlin Bradley
    Blog name: Closet Confessions
Location: Sydney, Australia

1.  What is your biggest tip for shopping for curves?
The one thing I tell myself is that "If I love it, I have to try it". Even if it isn't designed for your body shape or size, sometimes the best pieces are ones that you just 'feel'. I'm all about impulsive try on sessions at my local plus size retailers and sometimes an online bargain is too hard to pass. If your immediate reaction says 'LOVE IT' then just go with it. Your confidence will pull it off!

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2. Are there any styles/cuts that you would like to see being produced by plus size designers that you have trouble finding in your size?
I am a huge fangirl for 1950s and rockabilly fashion and it is so difficult to find pieces in my size and in styles I like. I prefer quality in fit and fabric and some of the options available in a size 20-22 just don't sit right with me. As a curvy woman who is currently loosing weight (I have recently lost 15kg), I am looking forward to stepping into a size 16 from Retrospec'd and living my domestic goddess fantasies in a full skirt!

 "A photograph of me wearing mermaid scale leggings. These leggings are by Emerald City, an Australian brand and were featured in Skorch magazine. I wanted to express my love of high fashion in this editorial that was inspired by Sex and the City, cocktails and glamour!"
3. What are your top 3 stores to create a fabulous head to toe look?
1. 17 Sundays ( are my favourite Australian retailer for plus size fashion. They have edgy, easy to wear pieces that are excellent quality and a great fit. I just previewed the Winter range and let me tell you, I am hiding my credit card because I need EVERYTHING!
2. Cult of California ( is an amazing American brand that features hot workout gear and club ready pieces for curvy women. All pieces are made in California and they have amazing prints (the galaxy skater dress is divine), awesome coordinates for the gym and slinky body cons for the daring girls. I am currently holding off my purchase of the Galaxy gym wear for when I hit my 10% weight loss goal and I cannot wait to turn up at the gym in these pieces!

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"A photograph of myself wearing a peach coloured top and ASOS Curve skater dress. I love the contrast and bold print of this dress. It's comfortable and easy to wear.  Skater dresses are very popular but I prefer and softer skirt and dropped waist like this design."

3. Virtu ( is my go to place for work wear, casual attire and great fitting blazers. They have a wonderful size range, a lovely selection of styles and the thing I love most is that anyone from any age bracket can walk in and find something they would wear. I have so many wonderful pieces that I wear often from Virtu and I cannot suggest them enough when readers ask me for a great online store.
4. What are your current most loved colour combinations?
My favourite colours are lime green and red but I would never wear them together! I am a big fan of a 'pop' of colour and my most common outfit combinations are monochrome with a splash of red. I'm also loving coral as a great transeasonal colour to wear with dresses and over jeans.
5. Are there any trends you would like to see either revisited,  revamped or can foresee being a big thing in 13/14  for plus fashion?
I'm a HUGE fan of 80s and 90s fashion and I have recently been going mental for thrifting clip on earrings and shoulder-padded dresses. If I was in control of Vogue, the front cover would feature big gold earrings and puffy sleeves, but I'm also quite fond of the 90s grunge look. I think it can look very chic and almost high fashion when done carefully.

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"A photograph of me in New York, wearing a amazing sequined dress. I saved for months to by this dress by Qrysal Frazier Designs to wear to Full Figured Fashion Week. I loved that it broke all the rules about plus size woman. It was form fitting, it was loud and it made me feel like a million dollars! Photo by Danimezza."

6. If you could travel anywhere in the world right now where would it be?
This year I am heading back to New York and spending a month in the USA travelling with my boyfriend. I also hope to travel to England in the near future.
7. Describe your dream home?
I am obsessed with cement finishes, exposed brick walls and wall paper. Dark wood, white kitchen and bright, bold accessories. I'd love to live in a house that mixed traditional Australia with modern features. Pinterest and Tumblr fuel my obsession with home decorating.

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"A photograph of myself and my boyfriend Jacob, the love of my life"

9.  What are your goals for 2013?
I will be finishing my 4 year Degree in Visual Arts Education this year and that is my biggest goal! Among other things, I plan to move in with my boyfriend, have a radical hair colour change and continue to live a healthy lifestyle (and loose some weight as I go!)
10. Give us either your favourite recipe or beauty tip?

                                Country-Style Chicken
What you need:
150g of chicken meat (breast/thigh cut into tenderloin size)
Moroccan seasoning
Panko breadcrumbs
Salt and Pepper
Dijon Mustard
Pre Heat Oven to 180-ish.
Cut and snip chicken breast into tenderloin sizes (just a bit bigger than a chicken nugget). You will need around 150g of chicken per person (depending on your appetite!)
Place chicken in a bowl and add 3 teaspoons of Moroccan seasoning, 1 teaspoon of sugar and salt & pepper. Massage and coat the chicken.
In another bowl, crack and egg and whisk lightly. Set up another bowl with Panko Breadcrumbs (available in the Asian section of your supermarket).
One at a time, dip the chicken and coat in egg mixture before coating in Panko breadcrumbs.
Set coated pieces on an oven tray covered in baking paper.
When tray is full, spray with olive oil.
Place in oven for around 10 minutes, depending on your oven of course. Check pieces after 5 minutes. Chicken meat should be white, not pink.
To Serve:
Put mustard and mayo into a small cup. You will need around 2 table spoons of mayo to 1 tablespoon or mustard (depending on how you like the taste). Mix together until smooth. Serve this dipping sauce on the side.
Make a leafy green salad and serve the chicken with fresh, crusty bread rolls for an delicious, easy dinner!
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