Sunday, April 28, 2013

Aussie Curves | Heels

Computer Hope

Computer Hope Computer Hope Computer Hope Computer Hope

1. Pants -Scuba leggings by new Australian plus fashion brand  "Harlow"  2. Top- "Blue skies ahead"  Harlow    3. Scarf - Brought in Amsterdam 5 years ago 4. Heels - Wittner circa '11

So, would you believe that this is the first time i have ever worn leggings in a blog post?
Well it is. I don't know why i have never really been fond of leggings, i understand their practicability but i personally feel a bit exposed in them.

However when i was contacted by new Australian plus fashion brand Harlow to try some pieces, for some reason, i went out on a limb and choose leggings! I cant say i am completely sold on the idea of leggings in general, however these defiantly don't leave me feeling on display and i adore the look of them! Oh, did i mention the comfort levels? 100% !!! So on i went with my oversized (insanely comfortable top) , of course i added heels (the best way to dress up any outfit!), as incase you didn't notice i rarely dress down. Actually this is also probably the most dressed down i have been in a post too, guess i must be evolving!

And that brings "The most comfortable post i have posted" to an end.

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  1. I love your most comfortable post. Such a chic casual look! :-)


    1. Thank you Cassandra :-) I think i may be slightly sold on the comfort factor ;-)

  2. those leggings are all kind of amazing!

    1. Not that i am a legging pro BUT they are so comfortable and i have worn them again since, which is saying something! xx

  3. I love the leggings with the shoes. Scarf is fabulous too. Love the whole look together, very chic, yet comfy!

    1. Thank you Alison, got to love a good heel to dress up an outfit x

  4. Ashley,

    You are so fantastically beautiful, it's hard for me to imagine that you wouldn't and couldn't wear anything you wanted to!! Flaunt it cause you got it lady!


    1. Nawwww Crystal your too sweet thank you :-D

  5. Just gorgeous Ashley. I really LOVE these leggings on you. Very stylish lady.

    1. Why thank you suger, i had a dream about your pancakes the other night, im not even joking.. maybe i should have private messaged this? haha

  6. You look amazing, and even though you are 'dressed down' you still love very stylish and gorgeous!

    1. Why thank you :-) I tried, i think i want to inject a tad more casual into my blog, but with my job its hard im just so used to dressing up every single day! x

  7. I love those shoes. I have some very simular that I squeezed into my backpack when I came home from my UK adventures but have no idea where they are now! You have inspired me to go and find them again.

    1. These shoes are probally the first pair of shoe i have nearly worn out and am actually considering getting them repaired.. they are SO SO comfortable!! X

  8. This is probably one of my most favorite outfit posts of yours. You just look so comfortable and relaxed. Makes me want to go and buy the outfit.

  9. I love leggings. I've been leaning towards the leather look ones lately. Much more dressy looking. You look fabulous. Loving your scarf!

  10. Great post. Love the outfit! I'm a new follower!

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