Tuesday, April 2, 2013

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Computer Hope

Computer Hope Computer Hope Computer Hope Computer Hope

1. Jeans-  "Tough Girl" skinny City Chic  2. Jumper-  Sussans purchased 31/03 $34.95 SALE 3. Belt -City Chic (Came with another dress) 4. Necklace - Diva CURRENT 5.

I honestly cannot say that i am the biggest wearer of belts, however i do see their uses for us curvy ladies. They are the perfect piece to show off that waist or keep the jeans at a respectable level. I tend to use my belts for the latter purpose, occasionally using a thin style like this one to coordinate colour between my outfit and my bag/shoes.

Is it strange that i wish i had a fence like this? A bit medieval but i love it! I spent the weekend up in Bendigo, the town that stole my heart a year ago when i travelled there for the first time to visit friends. It only comes second to Melbourne in my heart, though i really thing it is just a more rural version of Melbourne with just as much beautiful architecture! I mean really could the town get any more perfect?
+ A bare able amount of well stocked op shops
+ A bloggers dream when it comes to photography backdrops
+Architecture that you could stare at for days (With the history to match)
+It still has trams
+ Its CLEAN and i don't just mean the windows, even after their biggest street festival of the year with thousands of towns folk roaming about, i only spotted 3 pieces of rubbish!
+ It has the most AMAZING organic shops and cafes.

So my house will be a on a hill, white picket fence, a swing on the porch, a huge vegetable patch.... a girl can dream right?
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  1. I love how the jeans have the moto look, cute.

  2. I'm so envious of how amazing you look in those jeans, and that you rock a bun so well! Is that a little weird? Oh well! I think I may have to duck into a CC store and check out those jeans, I love the way they look!

    1. They are by far the best jeans I own!! Comfy from get go but also really popular.. Think they still have online too xx

  3. I find it really hard to find fashionable belts to wear with jeans, they never fit properly so always end up with mens belts. You look great. jeans are awesome!

    1. Your not alone there! I wear heaps of mens belts! When i really need a "Hold up those jeans" belt its always mens, these jeans are such a great cut that i can really get away with just a fashion belt :-)

  4. Gorgeous combination Ash. I'm so in love with rosé gold at the moment. This jumper is ahhhhmazing.

  5. Gorgeous combination Ash. I'm so in love with rosé gold at the moment. This jumper is ahhhhmazing.


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