Sunday, March 10, 2013


Shirt Dorothy Perkins  // Pants Sussans // Shoes Williams
// Watch Fossil //

Sorry i have been missing in action a little bit lately, moving house does that. I am now safely able to find 99% of my clothes amongst the carnage so will be getting back onto the blogging track asap. These pants i picked up on sale for about $50, i am certain this is when my recent affinity with cropped pants started. Such a welcome change to my beloved denim. Teamed with a shirt i think this combination manages to maintain my perfect level of understated class. I also find it interesting how my tastes have changed, 2 years ago i would never have contemplated a point court heel, quite like the time when i was 5 that my mother told me i would like stir-fry when i got "older", guess this means I'm getting to the "older" point? (Pun no-intended!)



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