Monday, January 7, 2013

Day Trip.


1. Top Shirt from inspire at New Look. 2. Jeans City Chic
3. Shoes Hush Puppies 4.Sunglasses Sportsgirl

I don't regularly like to disclose much about my personal life, but i really felt i had to share these adorable photos from our recent day trip to Werribee Open Range Zoo, in Werribee, Victoria! (P.s. this is not a sponsored post!)

I'm not the biggest fan of zoos, having practised veterinary nursing for over 10 years, I'm very animal welfare orientated. I do however still visit them to support the animals as i understand the benefit they have in education to the unknowing public regarding animal practice in foreign countries, they also play a huge part with captive breeding, to keep endangered species alive (Species that are near extiction due to humans). So the idea of an open plain layout for a zoo is very appealing and happened to be one of the few major Melbourne attractions i had somehow managed to never venture too.

My other favourite part of this zoo is how informative all the keepers were, clearly super passionate about the animals in their care (even knowing all their individual names!). Werribee also works closely with the native countries of its inhabitants, such as Kenya. They do this in order to work out ways for the locals to survive off products other than the local wildlife, therefore enhancing their survival rate!

It is somewhere everyone should visit at least once, who wouldn't want to travel in the cute safari van!



  1. I wrote a post about my trip to Adelaide Zoo this week! Snap! x

  2. Your pics r so nice.
    I posted some pictures of you in an article about the style of plus size bloggers, the blog is in Portuguese 'cause I'm Brazilian but I hope you like it.
    I also put the link to your blog.

  3. Beautiful photos :) I like your casual outfit too :)

  4. What a photo. I like it. Everyone should try it for day trip.


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