Thursday, December 20, 2012

Comfortable & Basic.


1. Top- Gifted from 17 Sundays "Basics" range 2. Jeans- Jeans West Circa 2009
3. Dress- 17 Sundays "Basics" range 4.Boots - Jeffrey Campbell

The collection "Basics" was launched on the Iconic for 17Sundays a few weeks ago. You can shop the range via both stores. I was kindly sent a few pieces to test run and honestly, the name does really say it all!

The collection features some of the most perfect basic pieces i have come across (hence why i don't own many as i always find them rather "bleh"). From the cut (the length), the choice of necklines and the incredible fabric used these pieces are certainly a must have. They also start at a really affordable price point of $29.95 for a T-shirt, which for the quality and certain longevity of the pieces is pretty fabulous!

Got to admit, i am completely in love with the T-shirt dress, its perfect for a lazy day around the house yet put on some ballet flats and i can be off to the shops without feeling underdressed, i have worn it nearly every night after work. I would actually show you how much i have worn it but the idea of a post-work instagram post is not a happy place for me, especially considering i could easily justify a second version of the dress as it does not deserve the living conditions i provide it, as by the end of the week... lets just say i don't like parting with it for the wash too often !




  1. I love basic jeans and t-shirts, you can really do so much with them even if you're not feeling particularly stylish on a given day. I like the T-shirt dress above, just wish it was a tiny bit longer, I don't like showing off my knees if I can avoid it.

    1. I have it hitched up a fair bit as I had the waist belt tied quite tight, it would be easily a couple inches longer or more :-)

  2. Guh! You pull of jeans and a tee SO well!


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