Monday, December 24, 2012

Aussie Curves "Shorts"

1. Shorts - City Chic 2.Belt- Target 3. Tshirt- City Chic
4.Hat- Sportsgirl 5. Shoes- Havianna thongs 6. Bag- Local design

This weeks theme for Aussie Curves was "Shorts". I am not afraid to say, i DO NOT LIKE SHORTS.

There we go i have admitted it, though im certain it is not the first time. Before my trip to Thailand i was assured by one of my work collegues that i would not regret investing in a pair of shorts for Thailand. Having concquered many a foreign country, including tropical, i was fairly hesitant. Though during those trips i was also not exactly the most fashion conscious and was happy rocking a local dress and perhaps brushed hair, if lucky!

As it turned out i was extremely happy i took the advice on board as these shorts were my most worn item of the entire trip, i think it was just nice to not have to lady-like at times and act like a bit of a boy without the worry of a "paparazzi-worthy-snap" or anything of the sorts. They were super stretchy and fitted (i hate shorts that ride up!) and i could leave them longer or roll them up a little shorter! Please excuse the slight bra slip and lack of makeup, i had actually just got out of the pool!

For you short haters out there and i know your there *waggles finger* ,i strongly suggest, actually i insist you try on a similiar pair of "fitted" shorts. You wont regret it! 





  1. Lovely photos. Love your hat too..:)

  2. You look fab is shorts Ash! That top is gorgeous, the cut-outs are gorgeous! xx

  3. Such a fun casual look... you look so comfy!

  4. You are SO fucking gorgeous you have to know that right?! I want those shorts, wonder if a 22 will fit me...

  5. Gorgeous Ash. The photos are beautiful and the outfit looks fab!

  6. You're the hottest tom boy around! Glad you found a great look that was perfect for travelling.

  7. You look gorgeous! Who needs make-up?

    Great tip on the shorts. I am not a big shorts fan, mostly because of the riding-up factor, but I think a longer fitted pair could be just the thing.



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