Sunday, November 18, 2012

Time for some ORLY.

Congratulations to Sara who won with her tip "Emerge your wet nails in cold water for about 3 minutes for dry nails!", give it a go it works fabulously!
I was recently sent two bottles of "ORLY" polish to review. Now if you know me, even slightly well you may have noticed my rather large (40 bottles and counting) obsession with OPI polish, however recently i have been feeling more and more disheartened at the quick chipping of the polishes. Needless to say when ORLY contacted me i was happy to try their new products!
They sent me their new "Polishshield" ($19.95AU) and "Smolder" ($18.95AU). I found both products to be outstanding! The colour of Smolder is descibed as a deep wine shimmer, i could get away with only one coat, and it looked gorgeous.

The "Polishshield" is described on the site as ,"This 3-in-1 topcoat fuses with the polish to create a durable, chip resistant layer which provides lasting color with a quick-dry, high
shine finish!" . The site does not lie! After applying the polishshield it actually looked as if i had shellac on, super shiny and no imperfections, i also fall asleep 5 minutes after applying and they looked 100% fine in the morning!

ORLY were also lovely enough to send me another 2 product set to giveaway, so leave your name, email address and "Your favourite manicure tip" (on this blog post) to be entered to win.

Competition closes 8pm 25-11-12 AEST  
Open to residents of Australia only.



  1. I used to love OPI as well, but lately I have noticed it chipping more quickly too, thought it was my nails, now I am thinking it might be the polish.

  2. Found this review to be helpful. Good luck to interested participants of this super sweet giveaway!

    P.S. Your style is fabulous!


  3. Using an old makeup brush (like a thin eyeliner brush) and some acetone to clear up my cuticles is the best thing I've ever done for my manicures. It makes them look so much more polished and professional.

  4. my mani tip is to pamper yourself and get your nails done regularly...
    also, apply a coat of clear polish after a couple days to refresh =)

  5. my many tip is a little odd, if I ever accidently touch my wet nails or toes and end up with nailpoish on the side of my fingers or toes, i gently file the polish off when dry with an emery board!

  6. Girl your blog is amazing and you've got a so amazing style!!

    Would you like to follow each other?
    let me know answering with a comment on my blog, very good job, kisses <3


  7. Wow I'll have to look out for some of that Orly polish! I'm always looking for polish that won't chip so easily! My best tip for a lasting manicure is to start with short, neatly filed nails with slightly rounded edges :)

    Life etc

  8. That nail polish looks fantastic, thank you for sharing. I will be adding it to my Christmas wish list!

    My manicure tip is always make sure you go to the bathroom before applying nail polish. Let me just say I have had some close calls while waiting for my nails to dry!!! :)

  9. The best tip I have is to emerge wet nails in cold water for 3 minutes. this will dry the nails completely so no wait time:)

    sara xox


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