Monday, November 5, 2012

Aussie Curves "Polka Dots"

Polka dots and i have a slight love hate relationship. Stemming from a 4year stint of owning a vintage clothing store i must say i got a little "tired" of this basic little print. Recently we have re-found our love and i have started a small collection of polka dot pieces in my wardrobe. When it comes to polka dots i tend to stick to a subtle style of print so i am still able to easily layer the pieces, without too much of a clash!
Lets just say you wont catch me in neon polka dots anytime soon!
 These jeans i was kindly sent from , who have *insert high pitched excited squeal* just started to ship to Australia! They shipped my items promptly in a cute pink labelled box! have been one of those sites i have indiscreetly lusted over for about a year now, resorting to twitter on occasion to beg and plead that they send their gorgeous pieces to our shores. You can only imagine my excitement when i received an email stating exactly what i had long wished for " now ship to Australia". They stock many plus size UK labels with my most beloved Love Label  (Up to size 20UK) , So Fabulous  (Up to size 32UK) and South (Up to size 24UK).

They sent me 3 pieces to review. I will start with these polka dot jeans by South. They are a fabulous fitting jean, i was sent the UK size 20 (I think i could maybe have gone down one size!). They are soft and slightly sheeny, with a subtle polka dot print and sit at a perfect point on the waist (Not too low!). When navigating their site i have found a couple of times i have missed some groups of plus sized clothes, so make sure you don't just go directly to "Women's" , "Plus size" , also search by the brands!

These new court pumps i picked up on the weekend and i highly suggest them for any size 11 (or 10) ladies. They fit my slight wide fit perfectly and also have a super practical everyday heel!

The Outfit:
Shirt - Current season Dorothy Perkins
Earrings- Current season Diva
Clutch- Vintage
Shoes- Current season Corelli (


  1. Hi Ashley Rose. I am so glad I can come here and find clues about size 11 shoes as well as other things I'm sure. So far I have managed to get some Diana Ferrari boots marked down and have been enjoying those. Your collar and hair are gorgeous. As for jeans I bought some from TS14+ on Friday, the last pair and yesterday I wore them for the first time, just love them. Just waiting to see how much bigger they get as they are the new material that stretches a little after you wear them. I have put my name down at the end of last week's blog hop, my post a little rusty, really enjoying Jeanie's blog. It is so interesting that people have started shipping to Australia. My daughter has been getting some clothes from the US even secondhand things and pretty makeup. My other daughter got a real Aran from Ireland.

  2. Thanks for sharing, I had never heard of and yey they ship to NZ too! Love your outfit you always look so sophisticated yet fun. So classy!

  3. Beautiful Ashley. That top is gorgeous, so delicate and pretty.

  4. Stunning as always Ashley. I am jealous of your up do. I'm growing my hair so I can do an messy up bun. Loving yours! That top looks so sweet on you.

  5. oh i love that DP top. so sweet, and the collar with its bling is just adorable. you look very "tea time" in this look and i love it! xx

  6. OOohh dangerous! I am loving UK plus size clothing even more than shops from the US! I can see another night of looking at pretty dresses :D

  7. That blouse is a little piece of heaven and you look so beautiful in it!

  8. pretty. feminine. love the shirt so much.

  9. so going to check out after this! Thanks for the tip off!! :) Love the subtle detailing of your collar and cuffs on your shirt!! and the colour compliments your completion so well!! Looking very clean cut and lovely here Ashley!! :) xx

  10. Damn you Ashley Rose for giving me yet another place to burn my money at! It's cos of you I learnt that Very ship to Aus and I feel this could be a very dangerous discovery!


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