Wednesday, July 18, 2012

The Curvy 10 with "Nadia Aboulhosn"

Today we are talking to the incredible Nadia Aboulhosn. From the first moment i laid eyes on this stunning lady i was in blog love. Nadia exudes confidence and manages to rock her own style each and every photo! Mixing bold, figure hugging pieces which flaunt her fabulous curves with a grunged-vintage-New Yorker edge!

Name: Nadia
Location: New York

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1) Why did you start blogging?:
I've never been good with expressing myself and I felt with fashion it was a way for me to show who I am without saying too much.

2) What fabulous experiences have you had (or are looking forward too!) because you started your blog?:
I've gotten to work with so many great companies and meet so many lovely people. My favorite expereinces, of course, are meeting my fans and followers. My blog has led me to modeling for Seventeen Magazine and American Apparel, which were both great experiences. I'm sure there will be even greater experiences in the near future.

3) If you could have your dream job, anywhere in the world, what would it be?:
Fashion Designer making clothes for my own line. That is my dream job. My other dream job would be to bring awareness to certain political issues that should be addressed to certain parts of the world.

4) What is your number one fashion addiction?
My number one fashion addiction is probably color blocking.

5) If you could buy only three new additions for the upcoming season in your wardrobe, what would they be?: Anything Elie Saab from his new collection and I'll be good.

6) Favourite blogger? (can be more than one):
Karla Derass

7) What new piece in your wardrobe are you most looking forward to styling at the moment?:
I'd have to say, this long sleeve black dress with embellishments patterned on it.

8) Your number one tip when it comes to dressing for curves?:
Wear your clothes with confidence, don't let them wear you. Also, dress for your personality.

9) Where do you want to be in 10 years?:
Successful fashion line, fashion icon, on the most influencial list, and also helping people across the world!


Sequins or Glitter?: Sequins
Lace or Leather?: Leather
Floral or Tribal?: Tribal
Statement necklace or Statement earrings?:Statement necklace
Summer heat or Winter Chills?: Summer heat (I'm from Florida haha)
Thrifted or Designer?: BOTH!


  1. Love this series. Pretty much started following everyone you've interviewed. just fantastic.
    Nadia is fierce. And I don't use that word lightly

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  3. I love it! She is deff. one of my inspirations. Check out my blog as well:


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