Saturday, July 7, 2012

Summer Holiday Essentials.

As you have all probably realised now, i have been stock piling items for the last couple of months for a 3 week long trip to Thailand in September (Not the best time of year in Australia to buy summer clothes, hence the early stock up!). Usually i would go with the whole "Minimal Essentials" BUT, we are going for a wedding, a hens and bucks night, a 30th birthday and i want to take advantage of the amazing scenery with many blog posts! Which makes the packing a little more tricky. I always try and stick to items that translate from day to night, accessories that tend to match in terms of colour (so i dont have to change my nail polish too often) and make sure i have at least one pair of comfortable walking shoes.

And if your anything like me the idea of being "Stylish", "Comfortable" and "Cool" (in terms of temperature) is a bit nerve-racking!

Here is a rough sketch of some of the items i will be taking. What are your summer vacation essentials?

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