Friday, June 8, 2012

The Winter Knit.

I picked up this knit a couple of weeks ago in the Myers sales. Was only $38 and i must say i certainly have got the wear out of it. Kind of resenting not picking it up in the ink navy colour also!

Layered with another thrifted find, my beige lace shirt and my favourite thrifted leopard print skirt.
Maxi skirts are perfect for winter to keep a little bit warmer, im actually also wearing a skin tone pantyhose underneath to keep me that little bit warmer!
The Outfit:
Jumper - Myers Miss Shop.
Top - Thrifted beige lace shirt.
Skirt - Thrifted leopard print spandex skirt.
Bag - Sportsgirl gold clutch.
Shoes - Wittner tan loafer wedges.


  1. Love the studded necklace with this! :)

    Really nice to see how you've winter-ised a maxi skirt too :)

  2. Once again, jealous of the thrifting finds! Leopard is definitely my favourite print.

  3. Once again, flawless delivery of an outfit. You have amazing shoes. <3


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