Tuesday, June 26, 2012


Now that winter is really rolling in i thought i would give this shirt a go before it became purely impossible to set foot outside without 10 layers. I purchased this for a bargain $14.95 and is already becoming a staple item is my ever expanding wardrobe.

I was sent these pleather look leggings from Ambra a couple of years ago, but being very anti-leggings i decided no i wasn't going to be giving them a go. However when it came to these gorgeous boots i found that most my jeans were too wide at the bottom to tuck them in. So hence, the leggings came out! I'm still not sold on the sheer cut outs, but i do LOVE the leggings themselves, need to get a pair without the cutout pronto.
The boots are the "Zack" by Gwenyth shoes (via Big Shoe Zam). These are my first pair of ankle booties and i have fallen deeply in love. What i adore the most about these boots is the fact they can be worn down, for a cute (and different) faux fur look, or zipped up and that faux fur can keep you nice and warm instead!
Big Shoe Zam have kindly offered my readers a 10% discount on these fabulous winter booties, just use the link below!

10% off Zack Boot until 31/7/2012 – Use ROSE04 in coupon code at checkout to get discount

At the end of the day if anything in life makes you feel fabulous (and wont kill you or hurt anyone!) then i say go for it
The Outfit:
Shirt- Katies (On sale $14.95)
Leggings - Ambra
Hat - Big W
Shoes - Gifted, "Zack" by gwenyth at Big Shoe Zam


  1. I wish I had your confidence and style. I'm super confuzzled about how to dress my wide hips and chunky thighs. I feel like everything looks odd on me or others will be disgusted by me. I really want to try wearing leggings, I just think they are effortless style but I'm too scared :( .

    1. Naww Danielle, just wear what you want to wear and the confidence will shine through! Im not really into leggings to be honest,they are comfortable but i do feel a bit "Jiggly" in them, i would suggest just starting with a slightly high waisted dark denim, soft jean. I highly suggest the City Chic TDF Jeans. And as for others, WHO CARES! I gurantee that the people that think like that are not people you would want in your life, or anything like your friends, so who cares what some random thinks! Wear what you feel good in babe xxx

  2. You look amazing! I have that shirt but in a butterfly print, it's from Katies too & has the 'cold shoulders'. I love that hat on you!

    1. Butterfly print really!!! I wish it came in another print now, im really craving a pony print or star print shirt lol xx

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