Monday, June 18, 2012

My June Wishlist.

To be honest i have been on a bit of a right-click rampage over the last month. But a girl can dream right?

1. City Chic "Soiree" bra set
2. New look peach "Inspire" blazer
3. Evans pastel jeans
4. ASOS pastel clutches
5. Essie nail polishes (I am a loyal OPI fan though recently have had some chipping problems so am considering trialling another brand?)
6. Floral shirt "Miss Selfridge".
7. Shoes all ASOS
8. Glass skull candle holder via urban outfitters (Sold out now but alt versions on Ebay.)
9. Ann Taylor "Neon lights" necklace.
10. Benefit "Moonbeam" highlighter, i already use "Highbeam" but am keep to try a more sun kissed colour!


  1. Did I miss where the dress is from? Is it leather? I NEED IT, despite probably sweating to death in it in Brisbane winter.

    1. Hey babe , didnt miss it , i got slack and didnt take note of where everything was from! For memory the dress was River Island though x


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