Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Leopard and Fringing.

So as you may not know i have a deep down obsession with leopard print. Yes, i have tried to bring a little zebra-esque or snake-esque to my ever expanding wardrobe however my leopard-esque pieces always get a front row seat!

Paired my incredible new pumps with my beloved fringed kaftan, something about fringing and leopard that i find super complimentary. As its heading into winter here im finding it harder and harder to bring out my pastels and brights and opting for more jewel toned colours. Shades of wine have always been a winter favourite, which works well as this season mustard has certainly started to grow on me! Still obsessing over the fact that i shall NOT be heading to New York for FFFW, it also does not help that my email inbox keeps having US flight sales fall into it!

So which of you lucky ladies are heading to FFFW?

P.s. Just like my previous post with the "Covington" Polka dot pump Janelle at www.bigshoezam.com.au has kindly offered my readers a 10% discount on their purchase of the "Madge" Leopard pump by Gwneth shoes for the rest of the month of May! Just use the link http://www.bigshoezam.com.au/ProductDetails.asp?ProductCode=111101&Click=881 and enter "ROSE02" at the check-out!

P.s.s. They actually feel a little bit Miu-Miu esque with there wide heel, double score!

What im wearing:
Dress: Thrifted $4
Jacket: Thrifted $2
Bag: Found at a vintage market in Melbourne "Oroton" $8.
Necklace: Diva, $29.95.
Earrings: Cross earrings via Ebay $5


  1. Amazing! Those shoes are so great. I love the colours you are wearing, i've been drawn towards more warmer tones lately, which is so unlike me, but you wear them so well, its rather inspiring!

    1. They are great for those typical gloomy days, still a bit of colour, but close to my safety of black lol your inspiring walking around in that foot brace.. still dont know how you managed to move at all lol x

  2. I love the accessories, necklace+bag+shoes, they are so glam!
    Kisses from Italy

  3. Love this outfit, it's the perfect mix of print and tones without being too dark + dull especially in our gloomy melbourne weather! if you don't mind, where did you get the jeans from? I've been trying to find a maroon pair for ages now but i've had no luck!


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